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Ante-Natal Care Programme

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Safe Childbirth Clinic

All expecting mothers look forward to, and are anxious to pass through, a safe, tension-free and comfortable pregnancy and childbirth. The Spring Garden Safe Childbirth Clinic has a professionally designed, twelve-month total care package for the expecting mother, from the month before conception to two months after childbirth. The Ante-Natal Programme ensures that the whole experience of child-birth is as stress-free, comfortable and happy as possible. It places the mother centre-stage, where she rightly belongs as the bearer of human life, and gives her the loving care that is rightly due to her.

  • What is e-Consult?
    e-Consult is an online platform offered by Spring Garden Medical Clinic (SGMC) where a patient can consult a doctor over a video or telephone session.
  • Can anyone use the e-Consult facility?
    Anyone can make use of the e-Consult facility, but it is recommended for existing patients registered at the Clinic. For new patients (and registered patients with a new medical condition), the doctor will decide if the patient needs an additional visit to the Clinic for a full physical examination after the e-Consult.
  • What is the platform used for e-Consult?
    e-Consult uses Google Meet, a video meeting solution from Google.
  • What are the requirements for a patient to use e-Consult successfully?
    The requirements for a patient are: The patient will need a desktop / laptop, a webcam and good internet connectivity; A headphone/ earphone with a microphone is also strongly recommended to ensure clarity of conversation and privacy. An email ID will also help the process of joining the e-Consult video session. The patient is advised to join the e-Consult session from a quiet and undisturbed space, preferably at a table with adequate lighting in front of the patient (not behind), during the session. Some paper and a pen would be handy to take down notes, if required.
  • Will any software or app have to be downloaded before joining the consultation session?
    If you are using a laptop or a desktop there is no need to download any additional software or application.
  • Is it possible to do the e-Consult video consultation on a phone?
    It is possible, but it is strongly recommended that you join the e-Consult session on a desktop / laptop or a tablet for a few reasons: It will make the e-Consult session as real as possible to an actual consultation as the doctor will be at the consulting table. Incoming calls on your phone during the e-Consult video session will disturb your consultation. The doctor may present a document or an image during the video session. A phone’s smaller screen might not be adequate for this.
  • What are the things to do if I am using my phone for the video consultation?
    You should download the Google Meet app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and join the consultation from this app by clicking on the link sent to your email ID or WhatsApp number. You should avoid picking up calls during the video consultation. It would be advisable to use a headphone during the video call.
  • Can an e-Consult session be done over a regular telephone call?
    Yes, it can be done over a regular telephone call, but it is recommended only if a video call is impossible. However, the procedure and the charges will be the same as that for an e-Consult video session.
  • Can other video applications like WhatsApp or Zoom be used for e-Consult?
    The Google Meet application is our preferred platform for e-Consult sessions because of its ease of use. WhatsApp and Duo video calling are not recommended as they do not have the features of Google Meet.
  • How soon can I get an e-Consult appointment?
    You can normally expect to get a confirmed online consultation appointment within two hours of your requested time. However, if the doctor requires additional diagnostic tests before the consultation, you might get the appointment only the next day.
  • What are the charges for using e-Consult?
    The charges vary depending on the doctor you choose for your e-Consult session. This will be intimated to you before confirmation of the appointment.
  • What are the charges for a review consultation?
    Reviews done within seven calendar days are free of charge.
  • What are the limitations of online consultation?
    Accurate diagnosis of the patient’s health condition could be affected by the following limitations, at least to some extent: The doctor cannot do a detailed clinical examination; Unless the patient has both the skill and approved devices at home to measure blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature, these crucial basic parameters cannot be measured.
  • There was an issue while making the payment for an e-Consult session and my account was debited twice. What should I do?
    Almost all double debits / error debits from your bank account without a payment confirmation from your UPI/banking app, will be corrected and automatically credited back into your account by your bank within 5-7 working days. If you would like confirmation on the status of a payment, please contact the SGMC Reception.
  • During the CoViD19 lockdown, can e-Consult be used by patients outside Trivandrum?"
    All patients who find it difficult to reach the Clinic during the Covid-19 period are welcome to use e-Consult.
  • Will e-Consult be available at SGMC even after the current Covid situation?
    Based on patient feedback and results, we hope to transition to e-Consult for certain types of consultations; for e.g, a review with diagnostic results, or a review after symptoms have subsided, or a consultation for a change in medication, could be via e-Consult even after the current lockdown / CoViD19 situation. However, e-Consult will be recommended only at the discretion of the doctor if the patient is able to come to the clinic.
  • Will e-Consult be available for elderly patients who have difficulty visiting SGMC?
    Home visits by our doctors are available for the medical attention of registered elderly patients. We can also provide planned and regular e-Consult sessions for such patients. But a caretaker should be at home to manage and coordinate the e-Consult session, and to be with the patient during the e-Consult, just as they would be available for a home visit.
  • Is video consultation possible for patients residing outside India?
    At the moment the Medical Council of India does not recommend online consultations for patients whose domicile is outside India; however, such consultations are possible through a caretaker or relative in India.
  • Can minors do online consultation?
    Online consultation is possible for minors (below the age of 18) in warranted cases if the parent also joins the online consultation.
  • Can I cancel an e-Consult appointment in an emergency?
    Yes, you can cancel the appointment in an emergency.

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